Take Up the Cross

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  • What must I do to follow One who was crucified? Take up the Cross. What does this mean?

    The “Cross” is every single thing, large or small, important in my eyes or trivial, in which the will of God cuts across my will—or my hopes, my preferences, my temperament, my tastes, my harmless whims. Each occasion offers me a choice. Will I go with Him (which means accepting the Cross) or will I accept the invitation of the enemies of Jesus: Come down from the Cross?  

    My choice reveals who I am : His faithful follower if I say yes to the chance to die, His enemy if I say no. I may save my life by voluntarily losing it, or I may lose it be insisting on saving it.

    “Do you want to be My disciple?”

    “Yes Lord—with all my heart. Please help me not to miss the chances today brings to take up my Cross for Your sake.”  

    **Excerpt originally published in The Music of His Promises, p. 114.