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  • Norbert Selking, of Hebron, Illinois, who writes to me and prays for me, wrote, “I am reminded of our young family as they were growing up. As a farmer working out in the fields of my dad’s Indiana farm, quite often I would be out all day cultivating the corn or taking care of new litters of pigs. Then there would be those evenings I’d come into the house and my wife would tell me that the children had been particularly cantankerous, fussing and fuming all day. She had tried everything to quiet those little ones. Then, under some special inspiration, I would scoop up one of these little ones and would hum the “Missouri Waltz” while dancing at the same time. Was it the melody that would quiet them? No, I’m not that good a singer. Was it the steps of the waltz that would quiet them? No, though the waltz is my favorite dance. No, it was the voice of their father that would cause these children to relax and become still. 

    “My prayers for you and others are like that, Elisabeth. With simplicity of heart we too may allow ourselves to be gathered up into the arms of the Heavenly Father, and let Him sing His love song over us. I believe for this reason the book of Psalms has become such a vital part of my daily devotions.”

    **Excerpt originally published in the July/August 1997 Elisabeth Elliot Newsletter.