This Moment’s Need

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  • The urgency of some matter at hand—a family member ill or rebellious or unemployed or estranged, a sudden disaster, an impending disaster, or whatever it may be—sends us to desperate prayer.  Yesterday’s list seems too high for us in such a moment, too rarified.  But can we not find in it what we need, even in this terrible moment?  God’s absolute dependability—

    to care; 
    to be true to His promise;
    to do what is best;
    to see the truth of the situation;
    to protect;
    to provide;
    to satisfy;
    to guide.

    Have we any need that is not covered here?  The message is Trust Me.  Whatever the specifics, if we are saying “Yes, Lord, but,” He is saying Trust Me.  That is every moment’s greatest need.  

    **Excerpt originally published in The Music of His Promises, page 75.