Those Mighty Feathers

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  • **This week we conclude our series on Elisabeth’s Mentors. We hope you enjoy this final installment about the dear Katherine Morgan. Join us next week for a new summer series from Elisabeth Elliot…

    My friend and spiritual mother Katherine Morgan, who, though pushing eighty, is still a missionary in Colombia, writes: “Many of you are concerned with our safety here in Bogota where people are shot every day in the streets.  A magistrate of the Supreme Court was assassinated about five blocks from us the other morning …. But I can say I have never felt safer anywhere than each day as I go about my duties. Mr. George Schultz came down from Washington to the inauguration of our new president and had about twenty bodyguards with him. But according to Psalm 91 we have a greater bodyguard which is the shadow of the Almighty and His ‘feathers.’ Shadow and feathers are mightier than human arms. Some time ago a missionary friend of mine was coming home from the store carrying one baby and leading the other by the hand when a man approached her with a long knife pointed right at her. He demanded her purse. She shouted at him, ‘Leave me alone. I am covered with feathers!’ Giving her one terrified look, he fled.”

    **Excerpt originally published in the July/August 1987 Elisabeth Elliot Newsletter.