Year: 2003

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Hope as an Anchor

Jan 1, 2003
“I hope it doesn’t snow tomorrow,” we say, thinkng of our plans to visit family or friends. Or, “We’re just...

“Could You Not Wait?”

Mar 1, 2003
Olive trees are not much good for leaning against. Too knobby. I kick away a few stones and sit down...

To a New Widow

May 1, 2003
Dearest one: I know the proportion of that pain, and there is no minimizing it here and now. I also...

What the Savages Taught Me

Jul 1, 2003
For the whole first year that I lived with the Auca Indians (1958–1959), I watched and learned and kept my...

Restlessness and Worry

Sep 1, 2003
The book of Ecclesiastes was written by a very restless man. He was fed up with his life and everything...


Nov 1, 2003
God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Throughout my life, I have considered those words, especially when circumstances...