Year: 1983

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Give Them Parking Space, but Let Them Starve to Death

Jan 1, 1983
Another moral threshhold was crossed last April when a tiny baby boy, at the specific request of his parents and...

The Taking of Human Life

Mar 1, 1983
In the relentless effort to keep the world from squeezing me into its own mold, my mind is always making...

The Weapon of Prayer

May 1, 1983
News came one day recently which indicated that a matter I had been praying about had deteriorated rather than improved....

Working Mothers

Jul 1, 1983
Sue Horner, wife of the president of Barrington College in Rhode Island and herself the director of the Center for...

Ungodly Counsel

Sep 1, 1983
At a recent women's convention a young woman told me that her husband had wanted a divorce, but consented to...

Where Will Complaining Get You?

Nov 1, 1983
. . . Nina Jean said she made up her mind that if complaining ws the reason God's people were...