Year: 1993

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The Key to Supernatural Power

Jan 1, 1993
The world cannot fathom strength proceeding from weakness, gain proceeding from loss, or power from meekness. Christians apprehend these truths...

The Supremacy of Christ

Mar 1, 1993
Last October I received a copy of the Auca (now known as Waorani) translation of the New Testament. The orthography...

What is a Wife To Do?

May 1, 1993
Many women write to me about their husbands -- some of them so thankful for the godly men they've been...

The “S” Word

Jul 1, 1993
Submission. What does it mean? . . . It's submission to a husband that is the sticking point.

Church Troubles

Sep 1, 1993
When the church prays "hallowed by thy name" it is pretty obvious that that holy name is far from hallowed...

Thank God for His Saints

Nov 1, 1993
November 1 has for many centuries been observed by Christians as All Saints Day, which follows Hallowe'en (which means "the...